Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tulsa Birthday.

Saturday we loaded up the car, picked up our best friend Emma Grace and headed to Tulsa to the zoo. I love a zoo. I couldn't wait to bring the girls to the zoo. They have been to a zoo before but they are at the age to remember things.

We got to Tulsa around noon. Did you know it's hot in July in Oklahoma?

The girls enjoyed their popcorn on the way up!
The girls had fun. It was hot though!

We cooled down with some icecream.
We only lasted two hours in Tulsa. I have to remember that the zoo is a fall/spring activity not a middle of July activity!

Today we played with the girls birthday presents! Bicycles!

I thought this was sweet picture of my sweet husband aka Uncle Pookie and Taylor. They sure do Love each other!
The End.

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