Friday, July 8, 2011

Week in the Life: Friday

My alarm went off at 6. I got up at 6:30. I don't know why I don't just set my alarm for 6:30 since I never get up when it first goes off but I don't! I walked 2.5 miles this morning. They were slow. I was bored. I need a new route or a walking buddy.

In between my walk and Lucy getting up I drink coffee, do my devotionals and other quiet activities. During the school year I get up earlier and I this is when I would do my blogging and my disciple/bible study reading.

Lucy got up at 8. She ate sausage biscuits for breakfast. After breakfast we did water colors. Lucy loves to paint!

Today I had to deep clean the house. I keep the house picked up during the week but once a week I like to scrub toilets, clean counters, mirrors, dust and mop. I vacuum every other day because we have two big dogs who live in the house. I don't like to clean but I like a clean house.

After the house was clean we got ready for the day and ran some errands. We ran in a store on the square and Lucy wanted to go see the fountain. So we did. We ran by the church to pick up somethings for Laura's shower and then we went to visit sister Laura at her house.

We came home and enjoyed BBQ chicken and baked beans. Summer time food! Now we are winding down and watching a movie. Hopefully Lucy goes to bed soon!

I just read over our day and realized we are the most boring people ever. Next I will be blogging about the weather and bowel movements.

The End.


Emily said...

Your life is SO not boring.. ha! I love how "real" your day/life seems.

I am curious about your devotions and bible study. I go to church, but I haven't done any sort of devotions or bible study myself and I am looking for ways to grow my relationship with the Lord. Any ideas/suggestions as to where to start?

Oh, and walking... that early in the morning.. wow! I could never. HA!

The Carters said...

I am so impressed with you getting up early to walk. That was my plan for the summer, but I have so enjoyed not having to get up and get the boys off to school.

On another note, I'm new to pinterest. I searched for Mbost but couldn't find you. Is there another way to search?

Have a great weekend!!