Thursday, July 7, 2011

Week in the Life: Thursday

Today my alarm went off at 6. I hit the snooze until 6:30 and then I popped up and went for my morning walk. I only did two miles this morning because I woke up late.

Lucy was up by 7:30. She ate breakfast which consisted of apple juice and a toaster strudel. After breakfast, I broke out my calender, menu and grocery list and got to work. I first made our menu for the next two weeks and then I went through my fridge, freezer and pantry and made a list of what we needed.
Lucy colored while I made our list.
Once my list were made I took a shower. Strange thing happened in the shower. I washed my hair, shampooed and conditioned, then I went to get some body wash. Instead of rubbing the body wash on my body I put it through my hair. I'm not sure why, but I did. I guess I was tired. My hair actually looked good after I did this, it wasn't as frizzy. I'll have to remember this little trick.

After we got dressed we went to walmart to do our shopping. The first thing I do when we get to walmart is run to the back to get a cup of popcorn chicken. Lucy is happy when she is full. She gets that from me! We were in the middle of our shopping when Lucy announced that she had to go to the bathroom. I knew it was a ploy to get out of the cart and walk around but I went with it. We went to the potty, she told me she could do it herself, so I let her. Next thing I know she has fallen in the toilet. Yes a public toilet! I wiped her off, washed her hand and we went on with our day.

After we got home from the store we put the groceries away. We ate lunch. Left over popcorn chicken and fruit. Then Lucy and I wrapped a present for my sisters baby shower. As I wrapped Lucy unraveled all of my ribbon!
We hung out at the house most of the afternoon. We practiced the letter H. Then we picked up Emma at playschool. I thought I would be the cool aunt and I took the girls to yum yos to get yogurt.

They loved it! Then we went to the farm to check on Emma's mama, who got to come home from the hospital today.
These birds greeted us.
We played with Aunt Emily outside on the swing set.
We sat in chairs.
The girls called the horses.
and fed them treats.

We finished the night out with hotdogs, baths and bed. It's been a long day and I"m ready for bed!

The End.

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The Riedel Family - Confessions of a Marine Wife said...

Hey Mary! Thought I would stop by your blog. Love your 'week in the life' posts! They remind me a lot of my days! And Lucy is a doll!! So glad to have found another fellow NWA blogger! :)