Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Week in the Life: Wednesday

Today my alarm clock went off at 6. I hit the snooze until 7:30! Yikes! I didn't get a walk in this morning, which I hated. It always throws off my day when I don't exercise.

Lucy woke up at 8. We cuddled in my bed for a while and then she had breakfast. I'm going to get the crap mom award because I fed her poptarts!

At 10 I got a call from my nephew asking if he could come over. He has been staying with his dads mom while his mom is in the hospital. He really only wanted to come over to play the xbox. I picked him up in town. He played viva pinata on the xbox.
Lucy watched while she snacked on her "lady" princess doll.
While Taylor entertained Lucy. I folded laundry. Last night I woke up to what I thought was an intruder standing in the corner of my room, as soon as my eyes focused I realized it was just the pile of clean laundry I needed to fold.
I fed Lucy oreos after lunch.
Then we played dress up. Lucy dressed herself.

I was feeling pretty bad about myself today. My hair was looking bad and it was ruining my day. I put on some lipstick and my hair instantly looked better. I took a picture.
I made dinner for a friend at church who just had a baby. I brought her manicotti, garlic bread and m&m peanut butter cookies. I made a double batch and we had the same thing for dinner. After we dropped off dinner to my friend we picked up Taylor's sister, Emma Grace at playschool. Lucy and Emma are two days apart and love each other!
Emma Grace.
The girls played outside in the kiddy pool.

Then they pulled out every single toy that Lucy owns and brought them out to our den.
Then I fed them.

My mom picked up my sister's kids and brought them back to their house to stay the night. I am hoping and praying that my sister gets to leave the hospital tomorrow! After the Coble kids left, Lucy ate again with Jonathan and I and then we put her to bed at 7:20. She finally went to bed at 8:30.

I'm going to finish the night out reading. I started the 7th book in the left behind series.

The End.


Stephanie said...

Wow- BUSY day! I laughed out loud about the part thinking there was an intruder in the house but it was really just your laundry! I have totally done that before- too funny! Stopping by from the commenting challenge :)

The Timbs Clan said...

I laughed at your poptart remark because I feel the same way only I feel that way every day because thats all Brayden will eat for Breakfast LOL!! And you have inspired me to WALK more!! I need to but its so hard for me to find the time!!

Melissa said...

I'm stopping by from Jenna's challenge. Too funny with the laundry intruder. The same thing happened to me last week. ha! Also, I LOVE the watermelon dress. My niece has the same one and we all just oohhhed and ahhhed over it. I need to get it for my daughter. The week in my life series is a great idea. I need to do it before I forget all about what I did with my days while the kids are small.