Friday, August 12, 2011

The Day I Lost Lucy.

Last Tuesday I lost Lucy.

This is Lucy running.
On to my story.

Tuesday I was over at the farm on Laura duty. Laura is pregnant with Twins, she has gone into labor twice. We like to have someone with her at all times. And she is my best friend so I don't mind.

Back to the story again.

Lucy, Laura and I were on Laura's bed watching a movie. Lucy went up front. After about three minutes it got really quiet. I went to look for Lucy. I couldn't find her. I called for her. I ran from one end of the house to the other calling her name. I ran upstairs. I checked behind every curtain (because she likes to hide). I checked out in the gated area in the front. She wasn't there. I ran around the house to the back door by the cats. She wasn't there. I ran back in the house. Up the stairs. Still wasn't there. I ran back up front and back through the front door and around the house. By this point Laura realized I couldn't find her and she was up looking. I ran out to the horse pasture behind the shed because Lucy loves the horses. She wasn't there. I ran back to the house. Laura yells, "GO CHECK THE POND". Oh Lord, all I could picture was my sweet baby floating in the pond. I sprinted up to the pond, which is a very steep hill. Praise the Lord she wasn't in it! But I still couldn't find her.

I'm frantic at this point.
I checked the house.
I checked the yard.
I checked the horse pasture.
I checked the pond.
I checked behind the house.

I'm getting to the point where I am on the verge of hysterical out of breathe crying. (because I'm out of shape and have been running nonstop up hills and through pastures.) I'm barefoot too.

I go back to the house to get my phone. I need a search team and a helicopter, probably the FBI too. When I get to the front door Laura is pulling Lucy to me by the hand. I didn't know if I should hug her or beat her! If I weren't out of breath and crying I would have beat her.

Laura said, "I was on the phone with 911 when I walked past Emily's room and a quilt started to move." What? "She said, so I called Lucy's name with no answer from her. I lifted it and there she was." I told 911 never mind I found her!

Lucy was embarrassed. We had a talk about not hiding from Mama. And answering Mama when she calls you. So far she is agreeing to answer me when hiding but hasn't stopped hiding.

We went to Belk the other day and she would hide from me in the clothes and when I would say Lucy where are you she would jump out and yell, "Surprise" or "Happy Birthday"!

Does anyone else have a problem with their kids hiding from them? How did you break them?
I'm to the point where time outs don't usually work and I'm threatening her with spanking.
What do you do when your kid is fearless?

The End.


Carman said...

Oh my goodness! I would have been hysterical, too! I'm dreading the day that happens to us.

Delta Bost said...

I have high blood pressure after reading you post. Whew. Too crazy. I hope Lucy stops hiding soon!

Emily said...

Oh my! I had to scan to the bottom of the post to make sure you found her. So sorry you had to experience this! This would have been so scary!

I've never had this happen so I have no advice.

The Carters said...

how scary! So glad she was just hiding in the house.
My 5 year old loves to play hide and seek with his friends. The other day he hid UNDER the car. Had to have a stern talking to him about where it was ok to hide.
Hopefully Lucy will come out of hiding next time you call her.


Oh dear, this was an upsetting post!! She hid under a quilt upstairs here the last time you all came here. I went in that room twice and never noticed her. I hope she has learned her lesson. Her mother's heart can't take much more of that!!