Monday, August 1, 2011

Knickknack's and Our Day.

Lucy and I've had a busy day. We started the day out with a little bike ride in the front driveway while I cleaned some of my newly acquired furniture. I hope to have all the furniture put into it's new places tomorrow. We also did a little cleaning out. We cleaned out some stuffed animals and old toys for goodwill. I also put out some of our new finds.

My kitchen.
I rearranged my counters. I put my old canister set on top of my cabinets (because I love it not because I"m a hoarder) We added the new cobalt blue roaster canister set.
I added the two little blue plates and the humpty dumpty figurine to Lucy's Bathroom. I thought it was sweet. I'm kind of regretting not taking the other nursery rhyme figurines.

I added this pretty planter to my bathroom.
I'm going to plant something in it but I haven't decided what.
I got in the mood to rearrange some things. I am getting our guest room ready for some new furniture so I moved this little red piece into my laundry room. I love this piece. I was actually making my way out to the garage with it but noticed it would fit perfectly here and I really needed a place to put my purse. (It's an old metal toolbox)
I put all of Lucy's art supplies in this cabinet so she would have easy access to it.

We then did some finger painting.

All this rearranging made me want to clean out my linen closet.
That's it. Hopefully I will have pictures of my new furniture tomorrow. Also, if you are interested in a changing table and baby bedding scroll down.

The End.

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