Sunday, August 28, 2011

Our Weekend in Pictures.

Me and Preston Anthony.
Manna with Addison
The best part of twins is someone always has a baby to hold. I told Emily I was going to pull rank on her and I got to hold the babies before her!
Addison Brooke
Addison and her Aunt Mary. (Dear Aunt Mary, you need some darker makeup!)
Beautful mommy with one of her babies.
Laura with both babies. She was looking good after her c-section.

Back at the ranch, we brought the girls to pizza hut to eat cheese.
Taylor too.
I've had Emma Grace all weekend and Lucy has been in Heaven! She thinks it's great!
The girls went to Ms. Mary's beauty salon and got their finger nails and toe nails painted.

The End.

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Your new niece and nephew are adorable. Preston looks a lot like Taylor to me, but I think Addison is a Bullington!! Funny how genetics can play tricks that way! On another note, are you ready for some football?? Tailgating plans are underway!