Sunday, August 14, 2011

Our Weekend.

We've had a good weekend. Mostly we have just enjoyed playing with our little Lucy Bear. We did some productive things around the house too. Weekends for us are about catching up around the house and yard, playing with Lucy and spending as much time as possible together.

Lucy and I spent some time with Laura trying to persuade the babies to come out. It didn't help.
We brought a load of furniture to the lake house. Some of the furniture was from my MIL's house. It looks great in it's new location. I'm excited about next year lake season. We usually spend every weekend at the lake but this year we haven't been out there once! The lake was too high in June, July we were busy every weekend and now in August we are waiting for babies! I am planning a slower paced summer next year.

After we delivered furniture we had dinner at the Coble's house. We brought Papa Murphy's over and fresh peaches from a fruit stand.

The girls enjoyed counting the peaches.

We went on a walk up and down the drive way to get the babies out. No luck!
I also cleaned my closet.
I was cleaning out my garage and found some shower hooks and thought this would be perfect to hang my necklaces on.
I hung all of my long costume jewelry in the closet on the hooks. All of my good stuff is in a separate place so Lucy can't get to it.
That's it.

The End.


DeAnna said...

Will you come clean my closet? No really, I'm not kidding!


What a great idea with the shower hooks!