Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Today Lucy and I ran errands. It's hard running errands with a very active three year old. We went to tj maxx because I am in the market for a bathing suit. They didn't have a one piece in my size. So then we went to sams club. I love buying in bulk. I didn't do much shopping there. We just needed some juice and fruit. Next I ran by my favorite Walmart associate store where I found half or less packages of diapers. I quickly called my sister to tell her. I stocked my cart full of newborn diapers for Laura the limit was three but at 10 a box we had to stock up. I stocked up on night time pull ups. After our bargain shopping we went to lunch at Olive Garden with Manna and Emily.

Me and my sister.
Emily, Lucy and Manna. They are shy that is why they aren't looking.
You know the show extreme couponers where they show you their stock pile.

Well here is mine. I have at least a 6-12month supply of diapers (because we only where them at night), body soap, toothpasth, mouth wash, kids shampoo, kids soap, kids bubble bath, female products, lotion, deoderant and light bulbs. There picture doesn't show it all but you get the point I have a small stock pile. And I only paid $5 on it. No, just kidding but everything probably cost a $1.00 per bottle.
Here is my pantry overflow. That's a lot of rice and beans, which we eat a lot of during the winter time. And my stash of community coffee, breakfast blend. I stock up when I go to baton rouge.
I also have a stock pile of birthday gifts but it is running low!
That's it. I hope you don't think I'm a hoarder. I just like to save money.

The End.

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Jere and Cara said...

i love it! my stockpile makes me happy :) Its a great feeling to know that you have items on hand==especially birthday gifts!!!