Thursday, August 18, 2011

Today we went to the pool! Yes, it's our first time to go to our neighborhood pool all summer! We decided since school was in session we would go and it wouldn't be crowded! We were right it wasn't! Lucy had a blast! Next time though, mama is going to have to bring some toys!

We also went to wal-mart to do our 2 weeks worth of grocery shopping. I have been clipping coupons and checking out the ads from other stores. I do our shopping at walmart because I get a discount there and they price match. I saved $23.00 with coupons and my discount. I saved $10 from our actually grocery budget. I usually go over by 20 so I was proud. I was hoping I would get up to the front and only have to pay 25 dollars but that didn't happen. Oh well, I'll get better as I go!

I freaked out last night when I was going through bible studies. Maybe you noticed from my post. This morning I got up, ran (I ran for 25 minutes straight this morning. Thank you C25K!), cleared my head and got to work on researching some bible studies. I've narrowed it down to a couple of good ones to ease our way into things. This spring I hope to do Crazy Love by Francis Chan. I wanted to do it this fall but I think it might be too much to start out with! I'll let you know what we decide on!

It's almost 4. Lucy is napping.
The End.

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Vanessa W. said...

I have done the Crazy Love book as well for a study. I loved it! Very good book!! Good luck to you! I think you will do a great job.