Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Today is my sister Laura's birthday! I got the pleasure of babysitting her for the day. Since she is on bedrest and since she is getting closer to her due date we try to have someone with her all the time.

Laura had an appointment in town that I took her to and then we had a birthday lunch at pf chang. It was super yummy and my Lucy was very well behaved.

Side Story-I asked Lucy where she wanted to eat and ofcourse she said Chickfila. I told her chickfila was closed. Because I'm real into lying to my kid. Anyway, we drove past chickfila and Lucy got so excited and started yelling Mama, Chickfila is OPEN. It's not closed. I got real excited too and said Oh I thought it was Sunday! (I hate to get caught in a lie)

After Lunch we went to Target. Laura had to ride a cart and Lucy got to hitch a ride.
After our adventure we went back to the farm. Lucy and I did a little bike riding outside. Lucy rode Emma's bike and I rode Taylor's Razor. Have you ever been on a Razor? It's so much fun I didn't want to get off. I was a little disappointed when Taylor came home because I had to share it with him.
Tonight we ordered in Sushi and had Rick's cake. It was a wonderful birthday celebration.

Doesn't my sister look skinny. She is 34 weeks pregnant with Twins! Her face and arms are still skinny!

Lucy loved the cake. She loved it so much she didn't want to waste any time with a fork.

The little girls looking out the window at the deer.
The End.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for baby sitting me and taking me to my "appointment" yesterday. I love you and our time together.