Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bible Study, Sausage and Dressing up.

Today was our first womens bible study at church today. I was nervous that no one would show up but we had a good turn out and I heard that there would be more next week. I want to extend an invitation to anyone who reads this blog in the Bentonville area to come join us. We are studying Jesus the one and only by Beth Moore and we are just on the first lesson. It is a wonderful opportunity for fellowship and digging deeper into the Word. It's at First United Methodist Church in Bentonville and we meet from 9-11. There is childcare and food. Message me if you are interested.

Speaking of food. I made my moms sausage casserole for snack today and it was delicious. We are also eating it for dinner because there were leftovers!
After bible study I picked Lucy up from school, which she loves, and we headed home to play outside. Lucy changed out of her school clothes and dressed herself in this ensemble.
From top to bottom. A cowboy hat, rubber gloves, a zutano lion dress inside out and backwards and zebra pants and to finish it off a pair of slippers.

This brings so much comfort to my heart. If something happens to me at least she can dress herself! I've already given Jonathan permission to remarry if I die because they are going to need the help. I feel sorry for that lady!

The End.

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