Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lucy Speaks.

If I don't write it I'll never remember it.

I fixed something for Lucy and she yelled, "Yeah Mama, your a BIG GIRL!"

Sometimes I ask Lucy to go get something and sometimes she does it and sometimes she responds , "No mama, my legs are broken." Or "No, My arms are broken."

Her new phrase is "No WAY"

GrassHopper= House Hopper

She likes to say, "Watch, I shake my bottom." -She loves to shake her booty. She told her dad she learned it from me. I want to clarify that we don't sit at home and shake our booties.

She knows how to spell her name. L-U-C-Y = Lucy Bost. Sometimes she will spell it and say L-U-C-Y, mama bost.

When I go to brush her hair she says, "Brush it gentle". She has a tender head like her mama.

I'll have to ask Jonathan for some more. She has really turned into a real live person with her speech. She carries on conversations with us and tells us stories. I can't believe my baby girl is big enough to do that.

The End.

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