Sunday, September 4, 2011

Razorback Season

We celebrating the beginning of football season yesterday with a tailgate with the Bost Family!
Nothing says tailgating like Fritos.

Lucy and her Daddy. I love these two.

Me and my baby.
Baby Asher isn't a baby anymore.
Bapaw, Cookie and Asher.
Daddy and Lucy.
Aunt Emily. I loved Aunt Emily's dress that she was wearing and you may find me in it before the seasons over. I just love having sisters!
Me and Emily.
That's it. I love football season. I love the Razorback's! I love binge eating... I mean tailgating. I especially love spending time with all of our family that we don't get see very often.

The End.

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And it is going to be even more fun when it isn't blazing hot outside!!