Tuesday, September 13, 2011


This is a funny picture from last Friday. Lucy and Emma riding a pony together.
It has nothing to do with today other than I wanted to put it on my blog.

Today was a rinse and repeat kind of day. Lucy had school this morning and I went to springdale with Laura to do some pictures. I picked Lucy up from school and we went home did lunch. I tried to get her to take a nap because I was tired but she wasn't having it! So I decided to pick up. I started with my room, moved to the bathroom, then the kitchen and then Lucy's room. Lucy's room was a mess. I picked it up, made her bed and then I decided I needed to clean the carpets. So I did. Then I decided to clean my carpets so I did. While I was cleaning I could hear Lucy screaming, "Get out of my roomie!" I went to see what the fuss was and my Whitney dog had broken a toenail and had bled all over the house and landed in Lucy's room where it looked like she did circles all over the room.

Lucy and I doctored Lucy up. The best thing to do when you have a broken dog toe nail and it won't stop bleeding- Apply Flour! It stops the bleeding. We wrapped it in gauze and taped her up. I put one of Lucy's socks on her too. After Whiney was fixed I had to go reclean the carpets and mop the den and kitchen. It was a crazy stream of events!

That's our day. I didn't take any pictures other than this one of Lucy's room and the blood stains.
It doesn't do it justice. It was everywhere.

The ENd.

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