Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Baby Bost

Jonathan and I are thrilled to announce that Baby Bost is due May 25, 2012! We have waited on and prayed for this precious baby for a long time and feel so blessed that God would even look upon us and find us worthy of having another baby! I seriously am blessed to have such a wonderful family of four!

We will be 8 weeks on Friday. We let Lucy tell our families this past weekend with her Razorback Big Sister Shirt! I think they were surprised!

Here is our first picture of Baby Bost at 6 weeks 4 days we were able to see the heart beat.
I love this little blob!
More to come.

The End.

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Jere and Cara said...

Congrats!!! That is awesome!

Rachel said...


Leslie said...

May 25th is my girls' b-day!!! Good day!!!

Julee said...

YAY!!!!! I have been waiting fo this announcement! I didn't know you were pregnant but I just kept having a feeling like it wouldn't be too long before Baby Bost 2 would be making any appearance! Matt and I are so excited for you and Jonathan!!!