Friday, November 11, 2011

Pregnancy Week 5-11

Today I am 12 weeks Pregnant. I plan on doing a weekly picture and update starting this week. I'm not going to get dressed today so I'll post tomorrow but I plan on posting every Friday. I didn't do this with Lucy and I really regret it!

Week 5.
Week 5 is also known as the last week I wore my size 4 jeans. It's okay they only fit on a really good day!
Week 8.

Week 9.
I love that Lucy and Autumn are in this picture.
Week 10.

Week 11.

Tomorrow I'll post my Week 12 picture along with an update!

The End.


Emily said...

You look soooo cute! Congrats on the pregnancy!

Julee said...

yay!! I love these updates and can't wait to see the belly grow!!