Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Me without makeup.

This morning I had extra time and Lucy wasn't up so I documented my makeup routine. Yes I'm running low on blog material. Most of the pictures are ridiculous so I didn't post my whole routine but I do have a before and after picture I thought I would get a kick out of one day.

I don't go out without my makeup on. I just don't. I'm from a family of women who wear makeup. If I go to drop Lucy off at school I have on makeup. If the only thing I have planned for the day is to go to the grocery store, I wear makeup. I don't wear makeup to the gym unless it is day old. My husband doesn't understand why I always have to get ready. I feel better about myself and when I feel good about myself I'm more productive! I'm not trying to impress anyone I'm just trying to feel good. It's just one thing I don't have to think about.

Now with that said... here are some pictures of me without makeup...

Me out of the shower:
And for my records.... Here is my belly/baby shot at 16 1/2 weeks.
Makeup is almost done at this point.
What I wore today.
Me with makeup. Hair dried. and the final touch to me getting ready.. Lip Stick. Don't underestimate the power of lipstick. (Also, a must for me is lip liner. Lipstick isn't lipstick without lip liner!)
A note for Curly hair people.
I towel dry my hair.
I apply gel.
I let my hair air dry for 30 minutes or so. Long enough to let it almost get crunchy.
Once it starts to crunch I blow dry it upside down for a minute or two.
It adds so much volume if you blow dry it!

The End.


Shelly said...

I absolutely love your hair. I have curly hair, but not amazing curls like yours.
And also you seriously have a pregnancy glow. I was so hoping I'd be all cute this pregnancy and glow...but not so much. I don't even know the last time I wore makeup.
You definitely are an inspiration.

Unknown said...

Your beautiful, but I really can’t believe you put a belly shot on the internet for the whole world to see.