Friday, December 23, 2011

Thursday Play Day

 Yesterday Taylor and Emily were at my house by 8. We had to get to the store to do our Christmas Dinner shopping before it got too busy! I'm glad we got there early because the store was starting to fill up by the time we had finished! Taylor and Lucy were excellent in the store!

After our walmart trip we went to my house to play a little xbox. Taylor and Lucy love to take turns dying in Star Wars.

 Taylor running from me when I asked him if I could take a picture!
 This is what the side of Taylor looks like. This little kid hates having his picture made!
 We also watched a movie and we all snuggled on the long couch!
 I love this little girl.
 Taylor and Emily left around 2 and we decided to play with some model magic. Model Magic will make you hungry so we had to take a break to eat some cheese.

  We also played in Lucy's room with her dolls. She has quite the imagination. I love to hear what will come out of her mouth!

 Lucy got her hair cut on Tuesday and it looks super cute short.
 The End.

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