Saturday, December 10, 2011

Week in the Life: Friday


I woke up at 6 but I laid in bed until Lucy came to get us at 7. After Jonathan left for work we got in the bath. Yes, bath time is a family affair at our house. That is why I prefer to get ready before Lucy get up.

We played until lunch time. After lunch we had to get Autumn in the car for our errands.

First Errand- take Autumn to the vet. I think she liked getting out for a car ride. She does not like going to the vet it makes her nervous and she gets very still and statue like. The vet got in her face and she didn't flinch and he said if I didn't know any better I would think you were a statue. He also said she had the best set of teeth he had seen on a 9 year old dog. Which is true both of our dogs have amazing teeth.

I told Lucy that Autumn was going to have to get shots and she kept hugging Autumn telling her that it would be okay and not to be scared.
While we were waiting for the vet Lucy sat in his chair and said, "Hello, I'm Doctor Lucy. What is your dogs name? What is your name? Does your dog eat her food? Does your dog like treats?" I think she would make an amazing doctor.
After the vet we had to go run by Lucy's dance class for a minute, run to the bank and then run across town to the pharmacy. Autumn rode with us and she did great. Whitney was so excited to see us when we got home.

We spent the rest of the afternoon playing and then had dinner with daddy. After dinner was bed time.

The End.

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