Monday, December 5, 2011

Week in the Life: Monday

I thought I would do another Week in the Life of series this will be known as the December Edition or Fall/Winter Edition!

This morning I woke up at 6:30. I got up and got in the bath right away. I try to get up and get ready before Lucy gets up. I am usually ready by 7-7:15. Lucy get up around 7:30. Sometimes earlier sometimes later. This morning she was up at 7:30. I got her dressed and we had breakfast of oatmeal for me and a chocolate doughnut for Lucy. No, she doesn't usually eat doughnuts but we had some leftover from the weekend.

Lucy dressed for the day.
We left the house at 8:25 to be at the Ear Nose and Throat Doctor by 8:50. Our Dr. appointment went very well. He pulled her last tube out and said her ears looked perfect and we didn't need to see us again!

I love this little girl!

After the Doctor we went back home. We had to do some laundry and eat lunch. Lunch consisted of chicken fingers and vegetable stew. When Lucy eats Stew she eats all the lima beans out of it and says I love Lima Beans mama! She also loves okala aka okra.

After Lunch we got ready for Dance. Lucy has really grown to love Dance. My goal was to make it to Christmas with Dance. Now that we are to Christmas and I've already paid for the recital costume we are going to stick with it until the recital.
On our way to dance Lucy said, "Mom may leg is broken." I showed a little concerned and then she said, "No mom. It's not broken it's just being silly!" I love all the funny things she says.

After Dance we came home and drew on the dry erase board.
While Lucy was drawing I made a snack. Mama, Lucy and the Baby needed a snack. Grilled Cheese.
We ended our day with a bath, pajamas and dinner.

The End.

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