Friday, December 9, 2011

Week in the Life: Thursday

Thursday I started my day off getting up at 6:30. I took a bath and was ready by 7. I woke Lucy up at 7:20 to get ready for school. I got her dressed, hair and teeth brushed and breakfast served by 7:40. We try to leave the house by 7:45 to get to school by 8.

I dropped Lucy off at school. On Thursdays I facilitate bible study. Bible study and Lucy's school are both at our church. I usually have an hour to set things up and review my notes.

We had Bible Study from 9-10:45. I cut it 15 minutes short because I had a field trip to go to. We are doing The Purpose of Christmas by Rick Warren three week video lesson. It's good. I recommend it for a short study low commitment study right before the holidays.

Me before Bible Study. Jonathan called this my hoe down dress. Note to self: Stand with your legs together, you will look more like a lady.
At 10:50. I met Lucy's class for a field trip. We walked down to school squared on the square to listen to Mrs. Clause read the kids a Christmas Story. Lucy loved the stories. She sat very still and listened the whole time!
Mrs. Clause taught them how to dance.
Mrs. Clause asked the kids if they had any questions and Lucy yelled, "Where's Santa Clause!"
It was a cute trip! Lucy loved it!
After school we went to Walmart. This was right at 12. Our first stop was to the front to pick up some popcorn chicken for our lunch. Lucy has become the perfect grocery shopper helper. She just sits and talks.

My little helper! and yes I've already started stocking up on diapers. Yesterday they had a box of 70 count size 2 diapers for $12. There camo diapers were also marked down to $12. I now have a total of 4 boxes. That should last me 2 weeks.
We got home at 1. We put away groceries. I then paid bills and balanced my checkbook. Lucy played outside. We didn't turn the tv on until 4 and we snuggled to Monsters Inc.

Around 6, I had a lady and her mom come over to buy a dish I was selling on Craigslist they ended up buying serveral of my listings! I was grateful to get it out of my house! If anyone is in the market for an acoustic guitar (blueridge br-0s) with a hard shell case please let me know!

We finished our day with dinner, bath and pajamas.

Jonathan got home and we all cuddled in Lucy's bed. I ended up laying with Lucy in her bed a little longer and she asked me to leave. I told her no because that usually means she will get up and play. She became hysterical and kept telling me to leave. I told her if she would quit crying and lay down for 5 minutes I would leave. 5 minutes later she was asleep.

I didn't last much longer but I did make it to my bed!

The End.

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Meghan said...

Where did you find the diapers for $12?! I love reading "day in the life's". It may seem like no one else may care...but there are so many that do! (Me being one). I love to see other mommy's daily life and can relate!