Wednesday, January 4, 2012

20 week ultrasound

We had our 20 week ultrasound yesterday. The baby looked perfectly healthy! Praise the Lord! I love seeing this little Bost. Jonathan and I are both excited to be surprised about the sex! I can't believe we didn't find out. I just keep thinking about how special it is going to be when they deliver the baby and Jonathan gets to announce to the room what the baby is. My doctor and I have already planned out how he will do it since I'm having a c-section and obviously I won't be able to sit up and see what it is!

Speaking on c-sections. As of right now my c-section is scheduled for May 18. I will be 39 weeks. I keep pushing for him to do it earlier but my Dr. won't budge.

Here are a few pictures of our little Baby Bost! They are terrible pictures because I took them with my i-phone instead of scanning them.

Baby Profile.

Another profile. 

The Feet.

And my favorite top view of the baby. I love it's little round head. 

Our baby is measuring 3 days bigger than my due date and weighs 11 oz.

The End.

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