Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Arkadelphia Chritmas Weekend.

We went to Arkadelphia on Thursday to celebrate Christmas and the New Year with Jonathan's family! Lucy was very excited that Christmas was not over. She also was very excited to go spend time with her Cookie and Bapaw and play on the farm. 

These pictures are out of order. 

Let's start with Saturday. Saturday, Uncle Dennis, Aunt Delta and Asher arrived for the big Bost Family Christmas. Bapaw and Cookie got Lucy and Asher a gator for the farm. The kids loved it .

 Cash brought his Police Car.

 Lucy loved playing with all the little kids.

 We exchanged gifts with Asher.

 We had a tickle fight.

 Asher tried on Lucy's headband.

 More tickle fights.
 Lucy told me they had to get out of the rain.
Now let's go back to Thursday. 
Thursday we arrived. We exchanged gifts with Cookie and Bapaw. 
 Lucy got a Vet costume and new boots. She loves the boots. She has worn them non stop!

 Friday. Uncle Dan checked Lucy's eyes. Lucy failed her eye test at school but passed her official test.

 We helped Cookie cook.

 We celebrated Cookie's 60th Birthday. Lucy ran down the stairs the morning of Cookie's birthday and said, "Happy Birthday Cookie, I brought you a cake!"
 My favorite part about this trip was the mysteriously moving nativity set. We would walk past the nativity set and notice that the pieces have moved. Mostly the little sheep would move within the set but we never saw Lucy doing it. Well we did eventually catch her.
I have a Lucy speaks Arkadelphia edition to add later today.

The End.

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