Friday, January 13, 2012


Things To Do Before Baby
  1. Baby's Room
  • Clean out nursery
  • wash clothes-sort, fold, hang, donate
  • Paint/find lamps and accessories
    2. Lucy's room
  • Sort/Organize toys
  • Organize activity buckets
    3. Lucy's Bathroom
  • Clean under sink
    4. Laundry Room
  • Organize cabinets
  • Touch up paint
    5. Kitchen
  • Organize cabinets
  • clean out drawers
  • Wash bottles/nipples/breast pump accessories
    6. Den
  • Clean out DVD's and Drawers
  • Find throw pillows/ shelf/curtains?
    7. Master Bedroom
  • Find Euro Shams/throw pillows
  • Curtains?
    8. Master Bath
  • Clean out cabinets
    9. Master Closet
  • Organize/sort/donate
   10. Garage
  • Get rid of table- bring to Emily. 
  • Bring bags to walmart
  • sort shelves
  • Deliver helping hands/food pantry items
   11. Outside
  • Remulch
  • clean out pots
  • weed
  • touch up back door. 
  12. Whole House
  • Clean baseboards
  • Touch up paint baseboards and walls

Before I cleaned out my kitchen I would rather you saw me naked than to ever look in my cabinets or drawers. It was embarrassing. Just so you know. I am very clean on the surface. My house is dusted and vacuumed! But out of sight out of mind is my motto!

You are now all invited to come dig through my drawers and kitchen cabinets. They are clean and organized!






 The Scary cabinet Before
 Pots Cabinet Before
 In the process of Cleaning out cabinets.

 New pots cabinet.

 New Pantry cabinet.


 My kitchen is complete!

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