Wednesday, February 15, 2012

22 Random Thoughts...

Nothing like a Random thoughts post...

1. I am craving chocolate ice cream with chocolate syrup with a banana mixed in the middle.

2. I watched Lady and the Tramp with Lucy and felt terrible about how I've been treating my dogs. Then they got in the trash and I remembered that they are lucky I still feed them.

3. Speaking of dogs. Mine drive me crazy. They stink, as in gas. They have been demoted to the laundry room at night. They shed terribly. They are always running under my feet. But they are good with Lucy and I couldn't ask for more than that. I just wish they didn't smell so bad!

4. Speaking of gas. My husband can sleep through an alarm clock for 2 hours but if I toot in the bathroom while he is sleeping, he is there to call me out on it.

5. I had an oh crap what have I done moment this week. Things are very easy with Lucy right now. She is very independent. She is at a really fun age and then we are going to throw a newborn in the mix. I think my world is about to be turned upside down but I am very excited about this new adventure of a family of 4!

6. I can't remember the last time I changed my sheets. It's been longer than a week but less than two. I'm going to go wash them now.

7. I am frantically trying to find a summer program for Lucy. I think it would be good for her to still go to school in the summer so she doesn't get busy with her old mama. We are also going to take swim lessons and do gymnastics at the fitness center!

8. Sometimes I am really hard on myself because I just can't do it all.  I will clean my house one day and the next day it is a disaster again. I feel like I am failing! But then I remember you can always clean up a mess so I don't stress too much over it.

9. I have been trying to teach Lucy her ABC's. Somedays she does really well other days she just isn't interested. I try not to push her but I also try to encourage her to try! The other night I was tucking her in and she said, "Mama, I'm sorry I didn't work on my letters today." Since then I have been trying to incorporate some fun activities into learning the letters. Any Ideas?

10. I'm excited about spring break.

11. The baby has been moving a lot this week. I'm not use to feeling it so it is pretty nice to have unexpected kicks and punches. It's still not as active as sister.

12. I have to go buy curtains for my bedroom. I am not looking forward to it. If you read my post the other day about I hate Curtains you know why.

13. I am trying to pull together my house before the baby comes. I think it's important to finish before the baby comes because I know once the baby is here I won't have time to run look at home decor!

14. Sometimes I catch Lucy chewing on the dogs ears. I try to remind her that we don't chew on persons, places or things. Especially our animals.

15. We have started a play group and our first play date is on Friday. I'm excited. I think its about 5 moms and 7 kids. I need some mom interaction!

16.  Lucy is 3 1/2 and wears a 5T. She is a big kid. I got to thinking the other day that she has always been a big kid by 1 she was wearing a 24 month/2T.

17. I love a good sale.

18. Tuesday nights you can find me standing in line at our church's Tuesday Night Dinner. I love it because 1. I don't have to cook. 2. I don't have to clean up. 3. It is only $7 for a whole family of any size. 4. There is always homemade dessert!

19. I miss caffeine. I've had the equivalent of two diet Dr. Peppers since July. I can't wait to drink real coffee again. I miss my community coffee!

20. We never go to the movie theater. Mainly because I would rather lay in bed and watch a movie than go to the movies. Going to the movies is expensive too. Especially if you get popcorn and a coke!

21. Target only marked their Valentine down 30%. I didn't need anything but was a little disappointed!

22. I keep having dreams that someone is trying to kill me. It usually involves me running away from them but the other night I had to shoot a clown in the face. Every time I shot him it made him faster!

That's it. Everything that's on my mind...

The End.

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Stephanie said...

#13 -- I am right there with you. I keep reassuring Scott that the craziness will end as soon as Camryn is here!