Friday, February 17, 2012

Baby To-Do List Progress

I'm going to update this every week to keep me on track!
It was so cold out last weekend that we weren't able to clean out the garage and we didn't paint the accessories. We plan on doing that this weekend! I'm ready to get everything in order. We only have 13 more weeks!
Things To Do Before Baby
  1. Baby's Room
  • Clean out nursery
  • wash clothes-sort, fold, hang, donate
  • Paint lamp and accessories 
  • order accessories - mirror, lamp
  • organize baskets, toy shelf, book shelf
  • find curtains/curtain rod
  • Hang curtain and curtain rod
    2. Lucy's room
    3. Lucy's Bathroom
  • Clean under sink
    4. Laundry Room
  • Organize cabinets
  • Touch up paint
    5. Kitchen
  • Organize cabinets
  • clean out drawers
  • Wash bottles/nipples/breast pump accessories
    6. Den
  • Clean out DVD's and Drawers
  • Find throw pillows/ shelf/curtains?
  • Find rug 
  • Find tall bookshelf
    7. Master Bedroom
  • Find Euro Shams/throw pillows
  • Curtains?
  • Hang curtain rods
  • paint metal pieces
  • find new lampshades
    8. Master Bath
  • Clean out cabinets
    9. Master Closet
  • Organize/sort/donate
   10. Garage
  • Get rid of table- bring to Emily. 
  • Bring bags to walmart
  • sort shelves
  • Deliver helping hands/food pantry items
   11. Outside
  • Remulch
  • clean out pots
  • weed
  • touch up back door. 
  12. Whole House- I'll probably do this now and then again before baby comes!
  • Clean baseboards
  • Touch up paint baseboards and walls
  • clean doors
  • wash windows
  • get carpets cleaned
13. Other to-do
  • Update address list for announcements
  • Print labels for birth announcements
  • register for baby shower
  • buy hostess gifts
  • buy thank you notes
  • register at hospital
  • get babysitter for day of c-section for Lucy.
  • Schedule newborn pictures
  • take maternity pictures
  • buy baby coming home outfit
  • make craigslist ad for furniture/accessories to get rid of.
The End. 

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