Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dr. appointment update.

This is for my records, I had my 27 1/2 week appointment today.

weight: gained 12 pounds (that's with wearing jeans! I always wear leggings because I don't want to add weight to the scale)

Blood Pressure: 110/70

Baby's Heart Rate: 140. I think that is the lowest it has ever been. I thought I would be able to tell the sex by the heart beat but it's either been 160 or 140. Lucy's was always 155.

Conversations I want to remember:

My doctor told me my weight gain was perfect! I told him I didn't know how much longer I could go without packing it on especially with our Baton Rouge trip coming up! When he went to do the dopler he again said that I wasn't very big at all.
-At this point with Lucy I probably had already gained 40 pounds. That is why I am so happy with these compliments!

My next appointment we will schedule my c-section! I'm not excited about another c-section but I am excited about meeting our baby!

Sunless tanner is an Ok to use.

I've had cramping while walking and he said it was normal and I should keep walking. I was hoping he would say that I should never exercise again.

I should quit traveling at 36 weeks and when we drive to Baton Rouge we need to stop every 2 hours so I can walk.

That's it.

The End. 

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