Saturday, February 11, 2012

I hate curtains!

 Let me start this story off with another story.

Two weeks ago Jonathan and I decided we needed to spruce up the house a bit, actually I decided and Jonathan went along with it! We went to a couple of stores looking for curtains. I bought a pair of curtains from bed bath and beyond. I got them home and hung them up and turns out that the makers of these curtains didn't own a ruler because when I hung them up one was 2" shorter than the other! So took them down and returned them. We told the store about the problem and they shrugged it off. We proceeded to exchange them for another pair but not before I open at least 10 packages and measured every single pair. They all ranged from 82" to 84" None of them were the same! We finally bought two 83" curtains.

Fast forward two weeks later. I went to Target because I found some ruffled curtains for Lucy's room. We went to the Target closest to us and they had one purple panel so I bought it. We drove to the Target in the neighboring city because they had two panels left. We got there I bought the other purple panel. This was my mistake. Always buy the two panels from the same store to make sure they match! We went home. We hung the rod. We hung the curtains and do you know what happened....

Two different colors of purple! I sent my sister who lives in the 2nd Target's city to go pick up the other panel that hopefully matches this one! Both panels came in the same packaging they were just two different colors and the lighter one was 2" shorter than the darker one!

At this point I'm mad. So we rest for a little bit and then we decided to hang the new curtain rod in the baby's room. Jonathan goes to hang it and the little bag of hardware is missing. I don't have the right screws or the white caps that attach. This rod was from Bed Bath and Beyond.

Where is the Quality Control? Now I know why people learn to sew and/or have custom drapes made! I still have curtains to buy for our bed room, so wish me luck! And in case you are wondering I measured the baby's curtains and they are the same length and the same color!

The End.


Stephanie Wood Smith said...

This made me laugh out loud.... so funny, but I know it had to be so frustrating!!!

Delta Bost said...

Your poor thing! I feel so bad for you! I love curtains.... but I have never bought individual panels either. I always buy the two panels together. So I guess that is the only way to make absolutely sure that they match because I have never had problems like this!
I hope your to do list goes smoother from here on out!! I am organizing closets today and it made me think of you and baby Doyle. :)


I hope the curtain gremlins leave you alone!! :0