Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lucy Speaks

Some quotes that I need to write down.

This one is from Christmas.
Lucy: Dad, you be Lucy and I'll be Jonathan.
Dad: lalala I'm Lucy
Lucy: I'm Jonathan. How you doing? You doing Good!!! (Emphasis on the good part)

Lucy talking into her dads tablet.
Lucy: Okay, Gentlemen!

I brushed Lucy's teeth and said okay let's get into bed.
Lucy: Okay, Dude!

I was getting ready for a baby shower and asked Lucy if she was going to be good for her daddy.
Lucy: No I'm not going to be good I'm going to be crazy!

I'm guilty of saying this to Lucy and I guess she has picked up on it.
Lucy: Mom, You're killing me!

I was fixing my hair in my bathroom and I heard a clang in the other room. I didn't really think anything of it until Lucy ran in and said, "Mama, did you hear that?" Me, "Yes I did, what was that noise?" Lucy, "Umm... it was me drinking my Lemonade" Me, "Lucy did you drink some of daddy's diet dr. pepper?" Lucy, "Yes, I love coke!"

This is a song they sing in dance class. You are suppose to fill in the underline word with something other than TOE which is the correct answer. Lucy always says something silly. This is my favorite.
Lucy: Oh no Cheerio, Draw me an O with your Mustaches !


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