Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lucy's Valentine Party

 Today Lucy's school celebrated Valentine's day with a party. Parents were invited so you know I was there! Her school always has fun activities for the parents and kids to do together. We made a heart man craft, played bingo, and did an activity rotation where we did jumping jacks, jump roped, sang our abc's and played bean bag toss. We also got to hand out Valentine cards.

Me and my Valentine.
 Jump Roping. The girls kept telling me I don't know how to jump rope. I had to show them... 6 months pregnant.

 Doing the bean bag toss with Grant, Bryce and Morgan.

 At the end of the party they sang us a sweet little song and gave us our Valentine Day card.

When we got home we went through all of the cards and ate some candy.

The End.

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