Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sadie's 4th Birthday Party!

Yesterday Laura and Emma Grace picked Lucy and I up and we headed down to Farmington to attend Sadie's 4th Birthday Part at Briar Rose Bakery! Briar Rose is a super cute bakery that has a tea room for parties. All of the girls got to dress up in their princess gear. (Which is actually Lucy's love language!)

Before we went to the party we stopped by the Fayetteville Mall to look around. We never make it down to Fayetteville so it's fun to stop by to see what's new.

The girls in their princess gear at the mall.

 After the mall and a boutique we ran to the party!
 Sadie and Lucy.

 The kids got to decorate the princess hats.

 Sadie and Sydney
 The birthday cake.
 Grant, Lucy and Sadie
 They got to decorate cookies!

 They also played pin the lips on the frog.
 Lucy placed the lips on the frogs eye!
 Emma Grace and Laura.
 Birthday Cake time!
The End.

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