Friday, March 30, 2012

Baby to-do list Progress

 Deadline: Finish by the weekend of April 20
  1. Baby's Room
  • Paint lamp and accessories - in process!
  • Buy/ hang shelf
  • Hang blinds
  • Make Bed
  • Clean out nursery
  • wash clothes-sort, fold, hang, donate
  • order accessories - mirror, lamp
  • organize baskets, toy shelf, book shelf
  • find curtains/curtain rod
  • Hang curtain and curtain rod
   2. Outside
  • Remulch
  • clean out pots
  • weed
  • touch up back door. 
3. To-do before shower
  • register for shower- diapers and wipes
  •  buy hostess gifts
4. To-do before baby -Due weekend of May 11
  •  Update address list for announcements
  • Print labels for birth announcements
  • buy thank you notes
  • register at hospital
  • get babysitter for day of c-section for Lucy.
  • Schedule newborn pictures
  • take maternity pictures
  • buy baby coming home outfit
  •  make craigslist ad for furniture/accessories to get rid of.
5. Whole House
  • Clean baseboards
  • touch up paint walls/baseboards
  • clean doors 
  • wash windows
6. Bedroom
  • buy curtains
  • hang curtain rod 
  • hang curtains

Thursday, March 29, 2012

32 week appt.

This is for my notes-
Blood pressure 110/70
Weight gain total 17 pounds
Baby heart rate 140

The baby is head down.
We set my csection date.

My dr. Asked why i had a csection i told him because i quit progressing at 8 cm and her head was too big for my pelvis. I then told him the story of how i hated him because he walked in checked me and said "no. Its not going to happen." he looked at me and said oh lord i hope i was more sensitive than that. I said no you werent! But then I told him that as soon as he  pulled her out of me and i saw how big her head was i instantly loved him!

The end.

Arkadelphia Weekend.

On our way back from Baton Rouge we stopped in Arkadelphia to visit with Jonathan's parents. Lucy loves her Cookie and Papaw. 

We went shopping with Mamaw Faye and Cookie. 

 We played on the gator.

 Lucy carried this little purse around the entire weekend. It was Cookie's Easter purse when she was 8!

 We fed the fish and then decided to go fishing.

 I caught a 4 inch fish.
The End.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Baton Rouge Final Post

Our last couple of days in Baton Rouge it rained. We made the most of it by going to whole foods one day and sampling cheese! This is Taylor's favorite activity!

 We also went to a bounce house to burn some energy! The kids were getting a little stir crazy and we knew that 2.5 hours of running and jumping would wear them out!

We loved our stay in Baton Rouge. We loved visiting my parents and we loved getting away!

The End.

New Orleans Vacation

We spent Monday and Tuesday in New Orleans! 
I love New Orleans, Good food, clean streets, kid friendly activities!

Lucy at Jackson Square. 
 Lucy saw this and said, "That looks like the castle in Princess and the Frog". Smart little girl!

 My family of 3.75

 Emily was there too! Lucy loves Aunt Emmy.

 All my favorite people. The dads and Emily brought the kids on a horse ride around the city. They all loved it!

 Laura and I kept the babies and did a little window shopping.

 Tuesday we started our day out at Cafe Dumonde.
 We all waited patiently for our beignets.

 Me and my love.

 Emma and her mustache.

 Best Friends.

 After breakfast we went to the New Orleans Zoo.
 Lucy loves Uncle Ryan.

The End.