Sunday, March 11, 2012


 Friday afternoon, Lucy and I had the pleasure of watching the Coble Twins. I love Preston and Addison! We had a wonderful afternoon of fun.

 Lucy, Preston and Addison

I love these kids!

Funny Story about Preston.
I rocked Preston to sleep, well he was almost asleep and I put him in the crib. I left the nursery and shut the door behind me. When I closed the door I realized the door locked. Oops! I thought as long as he wasn't crying we would be okay! Well he started crying! I couldn't find a key to open the door so I grabbed a coat hanger. I use to break into Laura's room all the time when I was teenager to steal her clothes so I was a professional with a coat hanger key! Well I couldn't get it to work. I called Laura and told her I had locked Preston in the room and couldn't get him out. She said Do what ever you have to get the door open. So, with the assistance of Taylor we ran around the house to see if the window was unlocked. No. So we ran to the tool box and we found a crow bar and a screw driver and a hammer. First I took apart the door handle. I thought once I had my door handle off I could just twist the little piece with a screw driver to unlock it. When I went to screw it the other handle fell through the door. It was still locked. So I grabbed the crow bar and went to town. That didn't work either. Taylor and I sat defeated at the door. Thankfully, Jonathan came in 5 minutes later. He fiddled with the door for 5 minutes and said I think you just have to push this in and VIOLA! the door opened! I grabbed angry little Preston. Jonathan said, wow you really messed up this door. What can I say I PANICKED!

The End.

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Unknown said...

Oh my!! I would have panicked too!! Especially when you're babysitting...ha! It's one thing if it's your own kiddo you locked away in a room. Haha!! That is too funny! Glad Jonathan came home in time to save the day :)