Thursday, March 1, 2012

Grasshopper in the Ear....

This is 4 stories in 1. Can you say ADD. I start with a grasshopper and hopefully we end with it. 

Lucy woke me up yesterday morning at 5. I put her in bed with me since I had to get up at 5:30 to get ready to go stand in line for summer preschool registration. I put her in bed and she said, "mommy, there is a grasshopper in my ear." We take grasshoppers in the ear very seriously. Last time there was a grasshopper in her ear both of her ear drums burst.

I didn't sleep that night anyway. I didn't sleep the night before. My mind is racing with 1000 things and I can't turn it off at night. I am so exhausted. The night of the grasshopper in the ear I kept dreaming that the new glider that I ordered. (and fell in love with at the store and should be here in 10-12 weeks aka the same time as the baby) SO I dreamed of the glider all night long. It didn't fit in the nursery, it was the wrong color, It was actually a wooden glider and the store wouldn't return it or give me a refund. Why would this keep me up all night?

The night before I got up at 3. I couldn't go back to sleep. I kept thinking about all the things I had to do. I balanced my checkbook. I made a grocery list. I watched dvr'd shows. I just couldn't sleep.

Yesterday, the day of the grasshopper in the ear, we had to get up and get in line for the summer preschool registration. We were in line by 6:45. I was number 19. We had to wait 3 hours just to find out that all the spots had been filled. I only want her to go twice a week. We were able to sign up for just Friday's. We are first on the waiting list, so cross your fingers someone moves! I really wanted Lucy to attend this preschool during the summer because it is a christian school, they do fun field trips, they will serve her lunch, she thrives in social situations and I think she will be so bored with me and the baby at home. It was a long morning for us!

I made a doctor's appointment yesterday and we were able to go in and see the actual doctor. He was wonderful. We recently changed clinics and had only seen the nurse practitioners. He said what is the problem and Lucy said, "There is a househopper in my ear." He laughed. I think he thought we were silly. He said that he had actually pulled a cricket out of someones ear before. I told him that we actually take grasshoppers in the ear very seriously since last time both of her ears had busted. He checked her ears and what do you know. She was right. We have another ear infection.

Last night Lucy didn't sleep. She kept coming in our room. I finally got up and went to sleep in her bed. We snuggled all night long. She slept all over me. I didn't sleep.

I HAVEN"T SLEPT IN THREE NIGHTS. I am tired. But I am so thankful that my baby girl can now tell me what the problem is even if it is as silly as a Grasshopper in her ear.

Did you keep up with that story?

The End.

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