Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Third Trimester thoughts...

I'm already feeling the side effects of the third trimester.

  • I am exhausted! I can't sleep! I do good to sleep through the night two nights out of the week. Most nights I wake up at 3 and am wide awake. I go through my to-do list. I do quiet activities. I watch my dvrd shows. Then I am so tired the next day but then that night again I can't sleep!
  • I am starving! During the first Trimester I ate 1800 calories. During the second I only needed 1900. I asked my doctor how many calories I should eat during the third trimester and he said anywhere from 2000-2300. I thought he was silly for suggesting to eat so many but then the hunger hit! Some days I eat the 2300 just not to be so hungry! 
  • I get up to go to the potty at least 4 times at night. Doesn't help with my sleeping problem!
With all of this I am trying to remember that I should enjoy this time because it is the last time I will carry a baby. The last time I will feel a little person kick inside me. The last time. Only 10 more weeks.

The End. 

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I don't know for sure, but maybe you should relieve yourself/mark off some of those to-do list items. Perhaps those undone things are worrying you more than you realize. If they aren't crucial, just scratch them off and forget them! Be kind to your sweet self!!