Thursday, April 19, 2012

Building confidence

Lucy is a very confident girl. I think she was just born that way! I try everyday to build her self esteem and to let her know how special she is. I try to phrase my praise with God as the giver. Instead of telling her she is beautiful, which she is, I tell her God made her beautiful. Instead of saying you are so smart, i say God has made you so smart! I can't wait to see what he does through your life! I think it is important to 1. Recognize that God is the ultimate creater of all things (as much as i would like to take credit for giving her her good looks, or brilliant smarts) 2. To make her realize that she needs God in her life.

Mama's can do a lot for their children but God can do so much more.

I want her to find the Lord at an early age and I feel if I tell her just how great HE  has already been to her she will want to know him sooner!

Yesterday we were driving down the road and she sang the Wheels on the Bus all the way home. When we got half way home I said, "Lucy, I am so proud of you. God has made you so smart." She replied with a teenager's smirk and said, "Yeah, Thanks Mom." See... it's already working. She already knows that God has made her so special.


Unknown said...

So sweet!! I love this reminder...thanks, Mary!! :-)


God made Lucy's momma special too!!