Saturday, April 28, 2012

How is that baby going to get out?

Scene: Lucy answer i were laying in bed and she was rubbing my belly and talking to the baby.

Lucy: mama?


Lucy:how is the baby going to get out of your belly?

Me: ahhhh! I quietly thought of an answer.

Lucy:is it going to come out your vagina?

Me: how does she know that? Well, most babies do come out the vagina but mamas babies come out of here. I showed her my section scar.

Lucy: is the Dr. Going to cut you with scissors?

Me: well. He has a special Dr.s knife.

Lucy: is he going to hurt you?

Me: Mama is tough. Mama is brave. There will be lots of medicine. Mama won't even feel it!

Lucy: mama?

Me: yes, baby?

Lucy: i want the baby to pop out of your belly button.

Me: ok.

I have a very curious little girl. I try to Always tell her the truth while being age appropriate as possible with my answers.

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