Friday, April 20, 2012

Mommy Brain

Mommy Brain is a real thing. I use to think it was an excuse for women to act stupid but it's not...

Last night I made dinner, Chicken and Rice. I put the chicken and rice in the oven. I turned on the timer. Lucy and I went outside and played for an hour. My timing was perfect. We walked in with one minute to spare before the timer went off. Jonathan was almost home.

The Timer went off.

I opened the oven. I opened the oven to find that my chicken and rice was not completely cooked. At further inspection it wasn't cooked at all. I thought surely an hour is enough time to cook chicken and rice....

I looked up at the oven ad realized I never turned the oven on!

I called Jonathan crying. Why cry over raw chicken? Combination of Hormones and the realization that I have lost my mind.

Dear Lord, Please help us get through the next 4 weeks without me burning down the house! Amen.

The End.

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