Wednesday, May 30, 2012

3 Weeks Old.

Henry is 3 weeks old! He is getting so big! i weighed him+me-me this morning and he is up to 10 pounds! I don't know how accurate that is but I bet it's pretty close!

The End!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Weekend

We had a low key weekend. We mainly stayed at home except for Sunday which we spent at the farm! 

The End.

Friday, May 25, 2012


Thursday was my first day to get Lucy back to school. Henry got up at 6. My alarm was set for 630. I fed Henry, put him in the boppy in the bed with Jonathan and then took a shower and got ready for the day. I got Lucy up after I was finished getting dressed. We were out the door by 7:55. Sure school starts at 8 and we were 10 minutes late but I thought it was pretty good to have three people fed, dressed and out the door!

I dropped Lucy off at school and Henry and I headed over to our friend Wyatt's house to have a little playdate. The boys slept and ate in shifts and Jennifer and I got to talk. It was nice to get out of the house. (Jennifer is actually Laura's best friend and I've adopted her as my new best friend since my BFF moved to Georgia, Jennifer has also been in my life as long as Laura has known her. She helped me pick out pageant songs in High School, helped me through Rush my freshman year of college, threw me a baby shower. I just love her!)

Smiley Wyatt!
Henry and Wyatt- Poor Henry doesn't know what to do with his hands yet! They are still so new!
After our playdate we met Lucy's class at the local park for their last day of school park field trip! I love Lucy's school. She has learned so much and has just thrived in the social environment! We can't wait to attend the four year old class next year!

Henry napped in the stroller/carseat.
Ms. Joyce, Lucy and Ms. Wilma.
After our fieldtrip we walked over to flying fish to eat lunch with Cookie and Papaw.

Mommy and Lucy

Cookie and Papaw
We ended the night with hamburgers at home with grandparents and daddy. Thursday was our last day to have family in town.

The End.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

2 weeks old.

Henry David is 2 weeks old today! He is already growing up too fast!

The End.

Lucy Meets Henry

The Plan was to go into my scheduled C-section on May 17. I had prepared Lucy for this day. She was going to stay in the lobby with all of my family and Jonathan's parents. Once Jonathan came out with the baby he was going to whisper in her ear what the baby was and she was going to get to make the announcement! I was so excited about watching the video and hearing her yell "It's a..."! We had been practicing this for weeks.

So when I dropped Lucy off at school on May 8 I had no idea I would be dilated and ready to have a  baby that day! So, when I got the news to go to labor and delivery I called Laura to pick up Lucy from school. She was at work and was trying to tie up loose ends so Ryan who was in town from Atlanta went to pick up Lucy. Ryan gave Lucy to Laura at work and they headed to eat at Lucy's favorite restaurant, Chickfila. Somewhere in there they went to my house and threw together a bag for me. I had half a bag packed but not everything I needed!

Since the plan was to have Lucy announce what the baby was we waited to tell everyone what the baby was. We wanted Lucy to know first. Jonathan walked out with Henry and He told Lucy and the camera, "It's a Boy"! Emily was given specific instructions not to tell anyone. Jonathan called the grandparents and my family to let them know that the baby was here. We didn't tell them what the baby was. We waited until Lucy got there. I was in recovery while all of this happened.

When I got to my room, I just waited on Lucy to get there to see her response to the baby. While I waited on Lucy my Dr. came in to check on me. Have I mentioned I love my Dr. He said he was sorry he couldn't do my c-section. I said, "Can you believe I had a boy!" He said, "No I thought it was a girl!" He also told me that Henry weighed 7.5 and was 20" long. I was glad and surprised to hear he was a big boy!

He left and shortly after Lucy came in! She had just met her brother! She was so excited! She came up and hugged me and I said, "did you see our baby? Do you know what it is?" She said, "Yes, but why is it not a sister!" I just told her God gave us a brother and she thought that was an okay answer!

 This was the next day when she came back to see us.
 I'm so happy she loves her brother.

 This is my favorite picture of Lucy and her brother!
The End.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Henry's Birth Story Part 2.

Start HERE to read PART 1.

Your 3cm and 90% effaced.... You're going to have this baby today.

I told him I wasn't ready, I didn't have a bag packed, I needed to pick up Lucy. He said, Your going to have this baby today. He said, you are going to go down stairs and they are going to do your c-section. The next thing I knew I was crying and I said, "You aren't going to deliver the baby". I am attached to my Dr. I think most women are. He said, I can't leave all of my patients. I asked who was down stairs to deliver the baby. He said, a new dr. I said I don't know who that Dr. was, I had never met him. He said, He's great , You'll love him. He is a new Dr. He is mildly retarded and we found him at a correctional facility! I died laughing. 

I got dressed. Called Jonathan. Called Laura to pick up Lucy. Asked Laura to call my mom and Becky. Then called my mom and Becky. Called Emily to get to the hospital with her camera and video. Opened the door and they said, go to labor and delivery. I stood there and they repeated it. I stood there, stared at them and said, OK, I'm going to have a baby today. 

I don't know how I got down to Labor and Delivery. I just appeared at the desk and told them my name. I kept apologizing for zoning out as they asked questions. I also kept telling them I wasn't expecting to have a baby today. I wasn't prepared but I did shave my legs so maybe I was prepared! 

They brought me back to a room and I changed into a gown. A Dr. came in to ask me questions. A nurse was inserting an IV. Emily was the first to show up with her cameras. Jonathan came in shortly after. I kept saying over and over, I can't believe we are going to have a baby today. 

The Dr. on call came in at 11:05. He said, my c-section was scheduled for 12 and MY DR. WAS GOING TO DO IT!  I was so excited. I texted Laura at 11:10 and told her the news because she was picking up Lucy. Maybe 3 minutes later the Dr. walked in and said, Never mind I'm going to do your c-section and then they wheeled in a bed. I yelled, "RIGHT NOW"! This was all going so quick! 

They brought me back to the surgery room. I got my spinal. As I was getting my spinal the baby jumped in my ribs. It hurt so bad. I started to shift and they yelled at me to quit moving. I instantly felt the spinal. I laid on the table thinking this feels pretty cool and then the Nausea set in. They gave me medicine to stop the nausea it took a couple of minutes to kick in. I kept thinking that I couldn't do this, I just needed to go home. The Dr. came in and rubbed my arm and said, "Will you tell me when You feel better so we can joke around some more, It's not fun joking with a sick person." 

They got started, I felt some tugs and pulls but nothing painful this time. They called Jonathan in and I was relieved to see him. I kept saying, "I can't believe we are going to have a baby today". I liked that during the procedure they explained everything that was going to happen. At one point I saw a lady jump on top of me (She said she was on a stool) and they said you are going to feel some pressure. Well I did and it was her pushing on my stomach and the Dr. pulling our baby out! 

When they remove the baby. It is instant relief! I could breath. The room went quiet, everyone was waiting on the announcement of what the baby was! I was so excited to finally here the long awaited "IT'S A.." The Dr. pulled the baby out and we heard it cry and then He and Jonathan and everyone in the room yelled "IT'S A BOY"!!! (the anesthesiologist said, "and he's peeing")  

It was so exciting! I'll never forget that moment! It was so worth the wait of not finding out! The greatest surprises of my life and I love a surprise! 

Our Henry David was born at 11:43. He was 7 lbs 5 oz and 20 inches long. 

The End. 

Weekend Fun

Friday we had newborn/family pictures in Springdale. Bobbie Yocum did our pictures and I have been very pleased with our sneak peaks so far! Jonathan and Lucy got a little bored waiting on Henry to finish. 
 Aunt Delta, Asher, Cookie and Papaw came to visit us that afternoon. We love having company and I love showing off my baby boy!
 Lucy and Asher had a blast playing together!

The End.