Tuesday, May 1, 2012

37 week appt.

I had my 37 week Dr. Appt today. I am 36 weeks and 4 days and am measuring at 36 weeks exactly. I've gained 22 pounds. My blood pressure was 120/70. My Dr. Said my weight was perfect, my blood pressure was perfect and i was just perfect. I told him i wish my husband was here to hear that since i have been trying to convince him of that for years. At the end of my appointment my Dr. gave me the above prescription.

I complained of shooting back pain and groin cramps he explained that was just round ligament pain. He asked if i had anymore questions and i said no and then i told him i felt like he took Christmas away from me when he said he wasn't going to check me anymore. He said he could check me now i said no but next time would he. He said he was going to leave then time back to check me. So progress.... The baby is lower than last week but everything is still closed up! He said that my back pain wad from the baby being low!

It feels good to know what's going on!

The End.

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