Friday, May 4, 2012

Baby Bost #2 - Baby Shower

On Sunday a group of church friends threw a baby shower to celebrate Baby Bost #2. They did such a great job! I feel so blessed to have all of these girls in my life! The showers theme was giraffe's since that is what we are doing in our nursery! I loved it!

The Cake/ Punch table.
 Me, Becky and Manna. or Cookie and Manna.
 The Cute Rick's Cake.

 Baby Bost's Loot.

 This is my favorite. Laura has a friend who makes these. I'll provide her information in a seperate post!
 My mom and sister.
 Me and my full belly glory!

Me and my sisters
 Me with the Hostess.
 Me with Jonathan's mom and my mom.
 Ms. Maxine Hines! I love this lady!

 Isn't this the cutest diaper creation! Laura has a friend who makes this as well. I will provide her information also.
 Laura and Jennifer. Jennifer has been a second sister to me.
We have everything we need for baby bost! I am ready to meet this kid in 2 weeks!
The End. 

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