Sunday, May 13, 2012

Henry Pictures

We've had a busy week! I am so glad that Henry decided to come a week and a half early but boy was I not prepared! The good news is he is the best baby ever! We are loving our family of 4. Lucy is adjusting well and loves to show off her Baby Brother! I've been trying to post from my phone but blogger is down. I have tons more pictures but I thought I would start with this week and some visitors!

 Jonathan's parents and my family have been so helpful and I'm so thankful they were here to help us the first few days! 

As soon as I get Emily's camera I plan on sharing our surprise birth story! 

Aunt Emily and Henry
 Henry after his first bath

 Big Sister and Henry
 She loves her brother.

Aunt Laura and Henry
 Addison even came to visit!
 And my little Boyfriend Preston! Preston and Henry are going to have to exchange hair tips!
 Henry and his favorite twin cousins!
 Aunt Emily and Henry.
 It's hard being a big sister.

 Jonathan and Lucy putting together our baby swing!
 The End.

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