Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lucy Meets Henry

The Plan was to go into my scheduled C-section on May 17. I had prepared Lucy for this day. She was going to stay in the lobby with all of my family and Jonathan's parents. Once Jonathan came out with the baby he was going to whisper in her ear what the baby was and she was going to get to make the announcement! I was so excited about watching the video and hearing her yell "It's a..."! We had been practicing this for weeks.

So when I dropped Lucy off at school on May 8 I had no idea I would be dilated and ready to have a  baby that day! So, when I got the news to go to labor and delivery I called Laura to pick up Lucy from school. She was at work and was trying to tie up loose ends so Ryan who was in town from Atlanta went to pick up Lucy. Ryan gave Lucy to Laura at work and they headed to eat at Lucy's favorite restaurant, Chickfila. Somewhere in there they went to my house and threw together a bag for me. I had half a bag packed but not everything I needed!

Since the plan was to have Lucy announce what the baby was we waited to tell everyone what the baby was. We wanted Lucy to know first. Jonathan walked out with Henry and He told Lucy and the camera, "It's a Boy"! Emily was given specific instructions not to tell anyone. Jonathan called the grandparents and my family to let them know that the baby was here. We didn't tell them what the baby was. We waited until Lucy got there. I was in recovery while all of this happened.

When I got to my room, I just waited on Lucy to get there to see her response to the baby. While I waited on Lucy my Dr. came in to check on me. Have I mentioned I love my Dr. He said he was sorry he couldn't do my c-section. I said, "Can you believe I had a boy!" He said, "No I thought it was a girl!" He also told me that Henry weighed 7.5 and was 20" long. I was glad and surprised to hear he was a big boy!

He left and shortly after Lucy came in! She had just met her brother! She was so excited! She came up and hugged me and I said, "did you see our baby? Do you know what it is?" She said, "Yes, but why is it not a sister!" I just told her God gave us a brother and she thought that was an okay answer!

 This was the next day when she came back to see us.
 I'm so happy she loves her brother.

 This is my favorite picture of Lucy and her brother!
The End.

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