Friday, June 1, 2012

Dr's visit

My little Henry is hanging on to his newborn days as much as his mama is trying to, he wouldn't lose his umbilical stump. No matter how much I cleaned it the thing wouldn't budge. It was just hanging on by a thread for the past 3 days. Yes I had the only 3 week 2 day old with his stump. I called the Dr. and they said to bring him in so the Dr. could check to see if it was infected. Thankfully it was not and the Dr. just pulled that sucker off! Then he put some medicine on his belly button to help the inside goo to dry up. ( I got this colored medicine on my brand new dress, I can't get it out!)

Here are the pictures of my little Henry + His Stump!
 Henry + Grasshopper Monkey at the Dr.
 Dr. Lucy.
The good news is the stump is now gone! The other good news is Henry weighs 9 lbs 5 oz. He is up 2 lbs 2 oz in 2 weeks 2 days. I knew he loved to eat but Goodness! He is going to be a BIG BOY! We don't have to go back until our 2 month appointment!

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