Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I'm behind on blogging and since this is how I scrapbook/remember things I thought I would update the old blog. We are finally adjusting to a family of four. I am adjusting to two kids! We have even left the house! 

Lucy Abigail at first Friday on Friday.
 Henry at the farm on Saturday
 Lucy at the farm on Saturday.
 Saturday night we attending a wedding. We got a babysitter for Lucy since she didn't want to go. We also went out to eat at bonefish to celebrate being out of the house and dressed/our anniversary that is next weekend.  Henry was perfect during the wedding!
 Lucy at a sunday school get together on Sunday.
 Monday we had dance and then we went home to ride bikes.
 Henry slept. Lucy covered him with my pink nursing cover.

 Lucy took a picture of me chowing down on an apple.
 Henry loves his swing.
 There is an new italian ice place in our town, we stopped and got a cup.
 Henry in his bouncer.

 Henry doing some tummy time.
The End.

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