Thursday, September 6, 2012

Our Summer

Where have we been? Where have we not been, is a better question.

Let's start where we left off.
July 18, we went to Arkadelphia.
July 20, I turned 28 and we went to Dallas to look at houses for the second time.
July 21, we made an offer on a house.
July 23, Lucy turned 4 and Jonathan started his new job in Dallas and we found out our offer was accepted! (we were in a bidding war with another couple so we were very excited to get the house)
July 23-August 1 - we stayed in Arkadelphia. Jonathan came to visit on the weekend.
July 31- Emily came to Arkadelphia.
August 2- we drove to Alabama to be with my mom. Her mother, my memaw, passed away that day.
August 5- Memaw's funeral. My parent's flew Jonathan in to be with us that weekend, which was a huge help to me. After the funeral we headed to Destin to have our vacation with my family and Jonathan headed back to Dallas.
August 5-11- week with my family in Destin.
August 11-12 - Drove to Baton Rouge for two nights at my parents condo.
August 13-15- went to Dallas so we could see Jonathan
August 16-19- Went back to Northwest Arkansas to get things ready to be packed and moved. We loaded  the truck on the 18 and 19. Thank you Coble Boys for your help!
August 19- Headed back to Dallas
August 20- We closed on our house and the movers unloaded the truck! I love this day. Our family of 4 finally lived together again!

For the past two weeks we have been unloading boxes and setting up the house! We are settling into our new life in Frisco, TX! I actually love it here. I just wish my sisters were here too!

Stay tuned to the blog I will be posting pictures of our summer!

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