Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The many messes of Lucy

No wonder I get nothing done during the day! I'm constantly cleaning up after this kid. 

Lucy in the new playroom. I've obviously given her to much access to her toys. 
 I even bought wall organizers and baskets and we were working on one basket at a time and then cleaning up and getting another one.... We obviously need another lesson.
 Lucy insisted on eating a raw piece of corn. I told her that she would hate it please put it back. She said she loved raw corn and proceeded to eat some. Then she left it on the table for the dogs to get...
 Here's another little jewel.
 and another.
 Tonight I found her outside making a "monkey web".
 She could be a famous artist, engineer or architect with her creative designs.
Or she could be a fashion designer or stylist.

Time will tell what my little mess maker will do with her creativity! For now I'll just keep cleaning up after her and continue to TRY to teach her how to clean up after herself!

The End. 


Unknown said...

Love this!! I'm right there with ya! I tried the one basket at a time thing too. Never works. The boys like ALL of their toys spread out throughout the room so they can survey their options before committing to a single toy. Ahh! :-) we miss you guys! Sounds like life is great in Texas!:)

Emily said...

What a great read... this looks and feels like a glimpse into my life with my two kiddos! Mess after mess I am constantly having to pick up! She sure is a cute little messer upper!