Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lucy Speaks.

I was feeding Henry Rice Cereal. Lucy wanted to try some. Before I could explain why she shouldn't eat it she ate the whole thing. I didn't tell her it was mixed with BREASTMILK! She said it was Delicious! Ha!

Lucy took her Papaw's order the other day. He said he wanted steak. She said, "We don't have steak." He asked what she did have. She replied, "milk, lettuce, turkey sandwich.:" He asked what she calls that kind of sandwich? She replied, "I call it Disgusting."!

Jonathan passed a little gas the other day and Lucy said, "Dad, God is watching you!"

Lucy took a poop the other day and it was bright green. I said, "Why is your poop so Green?" She said, "God just made it that way."

Lucy prayed the other night and she said, "Please Lord Protect me". (My mommy heart swelled when I heard this precious child ask her Lord for protection) "Please Lord Protect me. Protect me from monsters. I am so scared of monsters! And protect Henry from monsters!"

She has been ending her prayers with "Goodnight. See you Later. Amen."

She loves to say, "I'm just teasing you!"

I love every age but she sure is funny right now!

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