Monday, October 22, 2012

Petit Jean Mountain Wedding.

Jonathan and I attended one of my architecture friends wedding. Meredith and I lived together when we studied abroad in Rome and I am so happy that she found the love of her life! She had the prettiest most personal wedding I've ever been too! She did such a good job on all the details. I love that they had it at the family cabin, outside, in the fall! 

My best friend from Italy, Claudio! He came to the us to visit and to attend the wedding! I haven't seen him in 6 1/2 years! We picked up where  we left off! I just love him!

I showed this picture to my mom and said, "Hey look, it's Claudio!" She said, "Oh, what a beautiful couple. Are they expecting?!" I responded with, "Mom you are a jack ass". She didn't realize why I was so mad until I asked her if she recognized who that girl was in the picture! (In my defense I just had a baby... I have 10 pounds left to lose but I was wearing a size 6 dress! I'll lose the last 10 pounds after I'm done breast feeding)
 Meredith and her Dad.
 The view was amazing!

 Me and my husband.
 I love this man.
It was a fun night filled with wine and dancing. Jonathan and I slow danced to At Last, which was our wedding song! and I danced the night away with my friend Claudio! We had a wonderful time!

The End.

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Hey sexy sister - Dallas looks good on you!!!